Man Cave Entertainment Room

Designing a Man Cave Space

December 21, 2020
The other day my husband, Michel, asked what it would take for him to have a Man Cave. He is not from the design or construction industry, so this question is coming from the heart.

At first, I was insulted. “Why do you need a Man Cave? You have an entire house!” After I took a deep breath and gathered my thoughts, I looked around the entire house. No, my husband does not have the entire house. It is the kiddos and I that have everything all around. So, I understood his desire for a Man Cave. He would like an area for himself… Yes, there still might be kid stuff around and my stuff around but, he will have his books and a comfy chair: Someplace for him to take 5 mins for himself.

I thought about it some more and realized we all want a place of our own. I take 5 mins when I am driving to appointments or when I am running/walking in the morning. It helps me release whatever I am feeling at the moment: the anger, disappointment, happiness, sadness. I release it all when I am working out.

My husband gives so much to his family. He is a stay-at-home Dad. He homeschool’s our autistic son and is our son’s PCA (personal care attendant). Michel is also home with all our behavioral therapists for both kids. So, after getting over my ego, I realized how Michel can achieve his Man Cave.

I would love to finish our basement for a Man Cave, laundry area, and storage area. Due to life’s current circumstances, I will not be able to provide that massive of a remodel. But I will give him a space when we redo the living room. He loves to read, and I will make a Man Cave Nook for him instead. Michel can have some of his favorite books on the bookcase, a comfy leather chair for him to read in, and great lighting.

I cannot guarantee the kids will not use the bookcase for their books, or that I will not be sitting in the comfy chair working on a client’s project. But I can guarantee my husband will be happy knowing I am making a place…. For we all deserve a special place at home.

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