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Did you say “Interior Design”? Welcome to CW Design!

April 8, 2021
Written By Allison Lund-Zalewski
Select Photos By Hilda Berdie Photography
While many of us are home due to the pandemic, we find ourselves focusing more on our homes. Whether it is cleaning, organizing, or de-cluttering. Perhaps we feel some inspiration for something new—wanting to put a new coat of paint on the walls, purchase new furniture, or tackle an entire room. So why not consider hiring an interior designer?

Catherine Deutschlander has been a residential and commercial designer for 22 years. She runs her own interior design business right out of her home called CW Design PLLC. She graduated from South Dakota State University (SDSU) with a Bachelor of Science in interior design. Later in her career, she went back to school and earned a certificate for kitchen and bath design at Century College.

“From my experience and education, I have broadened my capabilities to become a Certified Interior Designer (CID), Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), Accessibility Specialist through MN (MN-AS), and a Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer (CKBD),” Catherine explained.

CW Design PLLC is a woman-owned interior design business that was created during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the complexities of the pandemic, Catherine will work to provide her clients with the quality of work that is consistent with her values of integrity, passion, family, and legacy. She is able to meet with new clients either virtually or in person with appropriate social distancing measures.

“We are each a unique individual with our own strengths and weaknesses. While working apart, our capabilities are limited, yet in collaboration with each other, we are stronger together,” Catherine stated.
Kitchen Perspective
This is a perspective drawing Catherine provides to her clients if it’s part of the letter of agreement/contract. It illustrates her drawing capabilities and for clients to see a 3D perspective of their kitchen.
Catherine’s philosophy behind her new business is that she embodies CW Design PLLC’s values of integrity, family, passion, and legacy with every connection she makes with her clients. Every relationship, service, and finished project radiates these values. As a wife and mother of three, Catherine’s legacy is to build a family business that impacts her community and world as a reminder that all people have value and can make a significant contribution in their community and world. In both her personal and professional life, she calls people to be the best they can be and calls them forward when anyone falls short of their fullest potential.

“My oldest son, Pierre, is biracial and my youngest children Ezekiel and Azariah are both on the Autism spectrum. I am intimately aware of the complexities of being a parent to minority children and those with special needs. My husband, Michel Willard, supports me in my work and our family life,” Catherine remarked.

Catherine’s biggest inspiration for starting up her business is her sister, Renee Rosen. Renee passed away two years ago with stage four cervical cancer. She had always told Catherine to start her own interior design business, however, Catherine was always consumed with fear, telling Renee “I can’t.” After Renee’s passing, Catherine realized how short life can be. Like her sister, Catherine wanted to leave an imprint with her community, peers, co-workers, and family. So, with the help from her family, CW Design PLLC was created.

“It is an interior design business for all people. I believe in integrity, family, passion, and legacy are the keys to a successful life. I have worked with many individuals from aging in place, clients ready to update their kitchen or bathroom, to someone with special needs. I believe the home should fit the client(s), not have them adapt to the home…” Catherine acknowledged.
For Catherine, every day is a new adventure with her in-home business. Both of her youngest children have behavioral therapists coming in and out of their home daily to meet their therapy needs. She is usually in her office with her headphones on, either attending a Zoom meeting or on the phone with clients.

“You would hear a lot of distractions and wonder ‘how does she get anything done?’ Coming from a large family of eight, I became very good at tuning things out. My children have recognized this and just stand by me until their request is complete,” Catherine said humorously.

Catherine has three children. Her eldest son goes to St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota. Her middle son, Ezekiel, is six years old and is being homeschooled by his dad. Her youngest daughter, Azariah, is five years old and loves to follow her older brothers around. The family also has two dogs. They have a senior dog named Jorge and a nine-month-old puppy named Dr. Nicky.

“Dr. Nicky is our pandemic puppy. I do not know his breed since we adopted him from Happy Tails Rescue, but he is amazing with my children. He does not bark and is so gentle and loving to the kids,” Catherine said.
Catherine (in front with the pink shirt) stands with her family. Renee, on Catherine's left, was the inspiration for Catherine to start up her own interior design business.
Catherine’s special message to her neighborhood and community is that CW Design PLLC is different than any other interior design business. She follows four main values throughout the process, working with her clients. The first value is education. It is her job to educate her clients and help them understand “why.” This will allow them to make the best choices for the project. The second value is translation. If a client has older pieces of furniture but aren’t sure they will fit in with the new, modern design, Catherine ensures that she will renovate the space to suit the existing pieces as well as combine them with the new ones into a cohesive design. The third value is communication. She is a strong believer in communication and will include her clients in every step they take along the way. In fact, she has never heard any of her clients tell her that they wish she would stop
communicating. The fourth value is passion. She is passionate about making sure her clients’ voices are heard throughout the project.

To keep up with Catherine’s interior design, go to her YouTube page.

CW Design – Rising together with you

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