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Do I Need a Kitchen & Bath Designer?

February 16, 2021
Last week, Michel, my husband stated he cannot wait until we remodel our kitchen because he knows it will look great and be a lot more functional than it is currently. Of course, I thanked him for the compliment. I then informed him that he had a “twofer” with me; two designers in one. He has an Interior Designer and a Kitchen & Bath Designer. He did not get it. I asked him if he thought every Interior Designer was also a Kitchen & Bath Designer. “Yes,” he replied. If my husband thinks that, then I know other people think that as well.

I explained to Michel that not every Certified Interior Designer is a Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer. This is a specialty that I went back to school for and I got a certificate in Kitchen & Bath Design. Then, after many years being in the field, I was able to take and pass a test from NKBA (National Kitchen Bath Association) to be a Certified Kitchen Bath Designer.

Most Interior Designers, including myself, have their favorite custom cabinetry person they use on projects. Sometimes though, the client has a limited cabinetry budget. That is where a Kitchen & Bath Designer can help. With our knowledge and experience, we specialize in solving dilemmas from custom creations to budget friendly redesign. I have many clients who want to use a Box Store cabinetry set instead of using a custom cabinetry person based on budget. The difference between your custom cabinetry person and the Box Store is the limitations. The Box Store is limited on door style, finishes, creativity, and accountability where the custom cabinetry person is not. You dream it and they can build it. Whatever you have discussed and agreed upon in your contract with the custom cabinetry person is exactly what they will be accountable for. If something was missed or not done properly, then the custom cabinetry person will cover it. They want to keep that great relationship with the contractor and designer because the custom cabinetry person is not advertising their work. The contractor and designer are doing that for them.

The Box Store will not be held accountable if something is missed or screwed up. You will be paying for it. I have heard many disaster stories when a client is remodeling using a Box Store and something goes wrong. The Box Store is not to blame though. The client does not understand the complexities of cabinetry. A Kitchen & Bath Designer does understand the complexities. They can take away the remodeling stress and add the fun back.

The Kitchen & Bath Designer knows the parts and pieces of turning your cabinetry dream into a reality. They know what questions to ask to make your kitchen beautiful and most of all functional. The Kitchen & Bath Designer understands the needs of your lifestyle and family. They will incorporate your feedback, requests, and ideas to create your dream kitchen or bathroom. The Kitchen & Bath Designer will empower you to make the right choices for you and your family by educating you on the selections.

The next time you have a remodeling project with cabinetry be sure to hire a Kitchen & Bath Designer. They will ensure a well thought out design, that is functional for you and your family, and on budget. We all want to create a space to enjoy for many years to come!

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