Living Room, Kitchen, and Loft Remodel

What to Expect from the Interior Design Process

January 29, 2021
My little sister Anabell contacted me about her remodel she would like to complete this summer. She did not know where to start or who to turn to. Anabell asked, “Do I contact the contractor first? I do not know where to begin.” This powerful statement made me realize there are more “Anabell’s” out in this world wondering how and where to begin. I asked Anabell if she thinks walls will be removed and spaces will be reconfigured. “Yes,” she replied. She wants to rearrange her loft area for a master bedroom, master bathroom, walk-in closet, and maybe a studio or office space too. Plus, we cannot forget about Prairie, her adorable dog that needs space up there as well.

The contractor Anabell likes to work with outsources their drawings and design. He is not a large design/build firm. I informed her that I will be able to provide her the drawings for the contractor to acquire a permit for the remodel since we are staying within the footprint of the house. She was excited to start the process: “So what’s next?”

“Well, Anabell,” I replied, “the next steps are simple. I will come out to your house for a Consult. I have about 10 questions to ask you about your project. This meeting will only take an hour. After that meeting, I will be able to put together a letter of agreement. This agreement will have what I will be responsible for, what I will be implementing, what items you are accountable for, and the payment schedule. Once you sign the agreement, the real fun begins.”

“Then, I will come back to your house and start measuring your spaces that are part of the remodel. I will present you drawings with perspectives so you can visualize how the space will be changing. These perspectives (3D) drawings will be in black/white to begin with, so you are not distracted from the colors.”

Anabell replied, “That sounds great but when does the contractor get involved?”

I answered, “Once you approve a floorplan that becomes the final and I will email that to the contractor with all the important detail from our first consult meeting. The contractor will then set up a meeting with you so that his electrician and plumber can do a site visit with him. Do not worry, I will be at this meeting too. I want to make sure everything goes as planned and if items need to be moved or rearranged, I will be able to do that right away by emailing the team (contractor, plumber, electrician, CW Design) a revised version of the final plan. After the site visit with the team, the contractor will collect the bids from their sub-contractors and provide you a contract of how much it will cost.

“Then, once you approve the contract, a finish schedule of all the items that you need to select will be put together by me. I know it will look like a lot to select but do not worry. I will be providing you the options to empower you to make the best decisions for you and Prairie (Anabell’s dog). I will be there for you all steps of the way.”

My dear readers, at CW Design, I want this experience to be wonderful for you. I will guide you through the entire process, lending a helping hand as I am doing with my little sister. I am qualified to work in a variety of spaces and will see things that you are guaranteed to miss. I am trained to think creatively, spatially, and have learned to see an overall picture that you might not be able to see. Thinking outside of the box is what I do on a regular basis both professionally and personally. You are now part of the CW Design family.

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