Finished Basement • Maple Grove, MN

Photos by Stirewalt Photography
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Summary of project: Project insight


Jack and Jill Bathroom

Family Room

Project Insight

The intent of this design is to take advantage of the home’s unfinished basement while maintaining the client’s style throughout the home. This client only finished part of the basement. She wants it to feel comfortable and relaxing like the rest of their house due to their growing family. The scope incorporates a bathroom, a small family room, (2) bedrooms, and opening the stairway so it’s welcoming going into the basement. The dilemma is giving it “non-basement feel” while maintaining the client’s needs/budget and providing details so it will be different. This is achieved by having the stairway open up into the family room. This makes it welcoming coming into the basement. The bathroom has accent tile for the shower niches & on the plumbing wall. The client wants to break up the modern subway tile for the tub/shower surrounding. The girl’s bedroom has painted shiplap that’s the same color as the walls. The batten board above the shiplap is wallpaper to coordinate with the barn/trolley doors throughout the basement. The clients love the end results.

Stirewalt, A. (Photographer). (2021, April). [All photos from Maple Grove Finished Basement] [Photographs]. Stirewalt Photography.
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