My Certifications

You are probably thinking, how do these certifications benefit me? Well, they do in many ways. First it shows I am very passionate about being an Interior Designer. I am always improving myself so my clients can benefit from my education and experience. Secondly, I know there are many talented designers in my industry. To stay at the top, I must keep up with my Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for each certification I acquire. Due to my many certifications, if I am not engaging in a project, I am learning/education for a CEU.
American Society of Interior Designers Professional Member Logo
To be a professional member of American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), I had to pass the NCIDQ exam. Due to passing this exam I can call myself a Certified Interior Designer. I can work on residential projects as well as commercial projects.
Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist Logo
This is about home modifications for the aging-in-place. It could be that your mother will be living with you. You could have a fiberglass tub/shower that is hard for your mom to lift her leg over the tub. You are worried about her safety. She wants her independence. A solution would be to remove the tub/shower unit and put in a tile or fiberglass shower unit in its place. I would reinforce the shower walls for grab bars and a shower bench. You would be happy knowing your mom will not be injuring herself getting in/out of the shower and your mom would love to regain her independence. This is just one example of CAPS certification’s uses.
Minnesota Accessibility Specialist Logo
Certified Accessibility Specialist
I provide access for persons with disabilities. It could be someone in a wheelchair needing assistance of entering and exiting their home or modifying their bathroom to accommodate the turning radius of the wheelchair. It is also having signage for commercial spaces to have braille or lights flashing during a fire emergency for someone that cannot hear will understand. This journey worker license is for commercial projects. I can help contractors and builders on their commercial projects (multi-housing, apartments, office spaces) as well as with the State on Worker’s Compensation Projects.
I am a member of National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). I am a Certified Kitchen and Bathroom Designer (CKBD). I specialize in the designing, planning, and execution of residential kitchens and bathrooms. I can provide you elevations and perspectives of your cabinetry design. I partner with contractors, builders, and remodelers to assist with executing your idea’s. So, your dream kitchen and bathroom becomes a reality.
"Sometimes everything has to be; inscribed across the heavens so you can find the one line already written inside you"
-David Whyte

Professional Overview

Hello, my name is Catherine Deutschlander and I am the CEO/Founder of CW Design. I have many years of experience in residential and commercial interior design. From my experience and education, I have broadened my capabilities and am a Certified Interior Designer (CID), Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), Accessibility Specialist through MN (MN-AS), and a Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer (CKBD). I graduated from South Dakota State University (SDSU) with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design. Later in my career, I went back to school and earned a Certificate for Kitchen and Bath Design at Century College. I have worked in a variety of different environments with amazing co-workers, subcontractors, contractors, and remodelers in commercial design and residential design. Recently I worked in the arena of special needs with Accessibility Design. You can visit my professional efolio website, where you can discover more about me.

Personal Overview

As a wife, mother of three and a Certified Interior Designer, I embody CW Design’s values of Integrity, Family, Passion, and Legacy with every connection. Every relationship, every service and every finished project radiates these values. In both my personal and professional life, I call people to be the best they can be and call them forward when anyone falls short of their fullest potential. My oldest son, Pierre, is biracial and my youngest children Ezekiel and Azariah are both on the Autism Spectrum. I am intimately aware of the complexities of being a parent to minority children and those with special needs. My husband, Michel Willard, supports me in my work and our family life. He is a stay at home dad and the current homeschool teacher for our younger children. My legacy is to build a family and business that impacts our community and world as a reminder that all people have value and can make a significant contribution in their community and world.
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